Erick Kraemer

Vess Mitev-66

Mr. Kraemer joined Ray, Mitev & Associates in 2012 and appeared in courts throughout the State of New York, from Suffolk County to the Bronx, on cases ranging from traffic infractions to burglary to high asset matrimonial actions. Mr. Kraemer became of counsel to the firm in 2015.

Mr. Kraemer previously worked in New York City in both the private and public sectors. He is a proud graduate of SUNY Geneseo and St. John’s University School of Law, where he was named Managing Editor Emeritus of the St. John’s Journal of International and Comparative Law and the New York International Law Review. At St. John’s, Mr. Kraemer was also presented with a Dean’s Award for Excellence in International Environmental Law.

His published works include:

Chevron Corp. v. Berlinger, 24 N.Y. INT’L L. REV. 143 (2011);

South Coast Air Quality Mgmt. Dist. v. F.E.R.C, 31 N.Y. ENVTL. LAW. 77 (2011); and

Tackling Problems of Overfishing: Protecting Sharks and Bluefin Tuna, 25 ENVTL. CLAIMS J. 250–271 (2013), available at

Mr. Kraemer respectfully declines to list the different bar associations of which he is member because he believes a list of said memberships is neither interesting nor relevant to a potential client.

He plays basketball and football whenever he can find time. At SUNY Geneseo, he was a captain and four-time intramural football champion, playing quarterback.