Firm Philosophy

Vess Mitev-47Specializing in difficult cases and troubled matters, the law firm of Ray, Mitev & Associates, LLP is nationally known for tough litigation. From routine matters to landmark cases, we take the same approach in every case we handle: meticulous attention to detail, proper preparation and innovative, custom-tailored legal solutions to our clients’ problems.  We are not simply attorneys. We are architects at law, sculpting legal precedent as we help our clients navigate an ever-changing legal environment. We continually push the envelope and are never satisfied until you are.

We are trial-tested litigators, not hobby lawyers. We are not afraid of other law firms or of judges. Our approach to each case is as if a trial is inevitable and everything we do – from correspondence with the opposing side to discovery demands to court conferences and hearings – we do with this mindset. Other lawyers know that our firm is prepared to try each case; this fact alone can often make settlement terms more favorable to our clients.

A proven track record
Too many people choose their lawyers based on a flashy ad or go to a family friend or someone referred by someone at work, even if that attorney lacks the experience or the track record. Believe us, there is plenty of buyer’s remorse in this business. When many of our clients come to us, they have already felt the sharp sting of hiring a lawyer or a firm that only talked the big talk. We are often retained on the eve of trial to help salvage a case that another law firm has already ravaged.

The “experts” also say that law firms that specialize are the way to go. Think a little deeper and decide for yourself. When one lawyer or one firm does only one thing they are inherently one-dimensional. They cannot draw on any other experience to help solve a problem. Indeed, they can often times only complicate it needlessly because they cannot see the forest nor the trees from out of the windowless cabin they have built around themselves.

It turns out that following conventional wisdom can be remarkably stupid. A person seeks a lawyer when they have an issue that they cannot readily resolve by themselves, whether it is a criminal charge; a divorce; a will or an estate; or a personal injury matter, to name a few common reasons people might call law firms. More often than not, one case involves a myriad of issues and practice areas: a divorce case may have a related Family Court or criminal proceeding or a real estate transfer and a need for a trust for the children of the marriage. A specialist in such a case is inherently limited. We are not.

Trial-tested tactics and creative ingenuity are our hallmarks

The cases may differ but one constant remains: the quality of the legal representation can  make the difference between a good and poor outcome.

Put another way, each case has only three components: the facts, the law, and the lawyer.

Only one element – the lawyer – can alter the other two, either in perception (the facts) or in substance (the law). So when people ask us what is it that we do, we do not take the Cliff’s Notes approach and try to give them a simple summary; we cannot, indeed, for we do so much.

Press us and this is as short of a synopsis as we can manage:

Over 37 years of combined experience, dozens of landmark cases that have set precedent in New York and nationwide, in matters ranging from murder defense to bankruptcy and matrimonial matters to civil forfeiture seizures, to representing those accused of sex crimes, in federal and state courts and agencies. Don’t take our word for us; check the paper of record – the New York Law Journal ( to see just how many notable decisions our firm appears in. In short  – any case, any court, any time.

The firm’s approach to every case is that the details matter above all and there is no substitute for tough litigation combined with creative ingenuity. We don’t guarantee results but we do guarantee best efforts, which, given our track record, we believe speaks for itself. You can read more about the firm if you like, give us a call, or drop us an email.

No smarmy slogans, no posturing, no gimmicks. Some people make shirts, others make sculptures. We lawyer – virtually any case in any forum.  We don’t charge extra for the suits and hats. We are not for everybody – we get that – but nobody does what we do as well as we do: take on troubled, difficult cases and fight for justice. We may just be the right law firm for you.